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ART® Corporate Solutions, Inc. offers a complete soft tissue management system for companies striving to reduce workers’ compensation costs and recordable injury rates in the area of repetitive strain and strain/sprain injuries (MSD’s). ART® Corporate Solutions utilizes the highest level of Active Release Techniques® providers throughout North America to work with private corporations, insurance carriers, and professional sports teams to help the employee maintain a pain-free status. ART is recognized by OSHA and the Department of Labor as a wellness, prevention, or first aid measure.

Wellness-Prevention Level ART (WPL-ART):
The Wellness-Preventative Level ART® program was designed to maintain the muscular and joint systems of an employee base. With WPL-ART® the focus is put on maintaining the muscular wellness of a workforce and preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) from occurring.

This level of ART® care is primarily utilized by ART® Corporate Solutions’ client companies, within corporate settings. ART® providers work closely with on-site health and safety professionals to develop a strong understanding of various job descriptions; past Corp Solutions trends in injury experiences are analyzed, employees are listened to. ART® implements and offers employee well-check assessments for various relevant regions of the body (shoulder, back, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, feet). If tight or restricted areas are identified the employee may elect to receive specific movement-based massage techniques to prevent tight muscles from becoming a worse condition. Note: Employee participation in such wellness programs is strictly voluntary. The Wellness-Preventative Level ART® program is completely proactive rather than reactive.

First Aid Level Programs:
Movement-based massage sessions may also be offered to workplace injury 6 employees for minor discomforts that have not yet escalated to the level of a recordable injury. If an employee senses a muscular discomfort that is a pre-injury, or not of a significant level, and elects to receive a massage they may be permitted to do so. Since our providers come to your facility there is very little time away or loss of production. ART® Corporate Solutions’ true goal is to prevent first workplace injury 3 aid cases from occurring, therefore profoundly reducing the more severe cases as well.

Art® Corporate Solutions and Your Bottom Line:
Our unique and innovative approach to healthcare is to treat soft tissue disorders without medication, surgery, or other invasive procedures.

The results of our corporate wellness program have reduced costs and helped employees become healthier in more than 22 industries globally. ART® reduces risk in real time—find out how it can work for you!

Athletes Performance Care is a complementary alternative medicine practice located on Long Island that specializes in Active Release Techniques®, or ART®. ART® is a soft tissue treatment and management system that is best described as an advanced movement-based medical massage technique. Unlike many other soft tissue treatment modalities, ART® accurately assesses, locates, treats, and effectively remedies a variety of soft tissue related conditions. ART® is designed to specifically address repetitive stress and strain and cumulative injury disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Simply stated, ART® has a superb success rate at restoring normal function to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia and peripheral nerve entrapments that have become compromised due to repetitive stress/strain injury, overuse, injury and/or tissue insult.

Athletes Performance Care specializes in the treatment of sports-related injuries, occupational injuries, and typical aches and pains of daily living. Athletes Performance Care has been providing Active Release Technique treatment to many patient populations across Long Island since 2003. We are often present at many local triathlons, running races, swimming events, and expositions. We have been featured as a guest speaker at many club meetings. As a result, Athletes Performance Care has provided valuable awareness and exposure of Active Release Techniques among various communities; introducing many individuals to a treatment technique that finally remedied their problem, improved their quality of life, and/or allowed them to compete at or above the level they are accustomed.

Many patients often mention that they have been suffering with a condition for an extended period of time, seeking various forms of treatment and realizing little to no relief. Once hearing about Active Release Techniques they made the decision to seek treatment once again. After receiving 3-5 ART® treatments their soft tissue problem was ultimately resolved.

Currently Athletes Performance Care maintains offices in Sayville, NY and Huntington, NY.

Athletes Performance Care is a practice specifically dedicated to assessing, evaluating, and resolving conditions associated with soft tissue injuries. Active Release Techniques® is considered the Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Healthcare. It is an advanced movement-based medical massage technique that restores normal function to compromised tissue. It is a very specific and highly comprehensive treatment modality that effectively treats muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia and peripheral nerve conditions—including related joint pain. ART® resolves repetitive stress/strain injuries and cumulative injury disorders resulting from over use, athletics, occupational activity, or injuries occurring from activities of daily living (house work, yard work, gardening, shoveling snow, etc.) When traditional modalities fall short of complete resolutions Active Release Techniques® excels.

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are injuries or disorders of the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints, cartilage, and supporting structures of the upper and lower limbs, neck, and lower back. They are caused, precipitated, or exacerbated by sudden exertion or prolonged exposure to physical factors such as repetition, force, vibration, or awkward posture.

How It All Works: The Art® Advantage
Active Release Techniques® (ART) has a history of excellence and expertise spanning over 30 years, with over 10,000 providers serving professional sports teams and over 400 corporate locations.
We’re invested in improving your employee health, productivity, and morale. Onboarding, training, treatment, and reporting are just the beginning.

  • Recognized employee improvement 90%
  • Demonstrated claims reduction 50-80%
  • Custom stretching program

The Impact of MSDs on Productivity

  • 32% of all injury and illness cases are due to MSDs
  • 420,870 days-away-from-work cases were reported in which the leading type of injury or illness was sprains, strain, or tears
  • 13 days away from work was the average duration required by workers who sustained sprains, strains, or tears
  • 38.9% of all incidents were due to sprains, strains, and tears

For further information regarding Corporate Solutions Programs contact Terry Stein, LMT Solutions directly at:

*ART® is not a Rolfing, Thai massage, Shiatsu, or Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Massage. When ART® Corporate Solutions
manages and delivers first aid level soft tissue services the therapy rendered is simply a movement-based massage.*

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