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Terry Stein Testimonials

Physically Active Husband and Dad

I found some time to run this morning and I have to say that in over 3 years I have not been able to run without tightness or discomfort in my calves until today. I’ve tried changing my running shoes, acupuncture, changing my running style, even changing my diet. It is really blowing my mind. I am so psyched!!! I still have a little discomfort in my right heal and my right Achilles. I believe we made an appointment for 10 am on Wednesday but my phone battery died before I entered the calendar appointment. Can’t wait to discuss my hip.

Shawn Noonan


Mr. Terry Stein, LMT, ART is a highly skilled Massage Therapist and ART practitioner who possesses an unparalleled ability to effectively diagnose and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. As a Physical Therapist I have referred many of my own patients to Terry who have praised him for his professionalism, talent, caring nature, and unique ability to “look outside the box” in treating difficult cases. I have seen firsthand his ability to successfully treat many of my own patients, as well as helping me personally with my own injuries.

Dr. George Ciresi, PT, DPT, MSPT

I Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

I had been running for 6 years, many marathons and triathlons, all with hip discomfort that affected my performance. I honestly thought it was just a part of my natural makeup until I finally heeded a friend’s advice and went to see Terry while training for my toughest race to date, a 72 mile run through the mountains. After a few sessions I couldn’t believe I was able to run with a mobility in my hip I have never experienced before. I completed the grueling Georgia Death Race and the treatment I received from Terry played an integral role. Thank you Terry, I tell all my friends about you!

Jennifer Kimpel

First race in 16 months

I ran my first race in 16 months in Long Beach on 3/26. While I ran a little slower than I have in the past, I finished with no pain. Thanks for your help in getting me back to running again.

Bill Britz

I'm pain free!

Thank you so much for fixing my hip! South Africa went well! I finished, which was my goal. Two weeks until Ironman Maryland and I’m feeling great. Can’t thank you enough! I’m pain free!

Elisabeth Sorrenson


Following a long spring season of training and races, including wins at the USATF 50K Road National Championships and the 2018 Long Island Marathon, I developed some pain in my lower leg that persisted for over a month and more importantly, kept me from doing what I love most – running! After three MRIs and consults with multiple orthopedists, it was suggested that I should get tested for compartment syndrome, which requires surgical treatment. At this point, few doctors had even bothered to touch the leg that was in pain. So before undertaking a long and potentially invasive process, I went to Terry Stein. Within a few treatments with Terry, my lower leg pain had subsided considerably (and made it clear that I did NOT have compartment syndrome). Within a couple of weeks of treatment, I was running pain free and felt like myself again. Terry took the time to manually address and manipulate muscles at the site. He additionally recognized a misalignment in my lower body that was easily corrected by customized A-line insole inserts. I had nearly given up hope of training and racing again this year, but thanks to Terry I’m training for a fall marathon, which means I am one step closer to chasing down a dream of qualifying for the marathon 2020 Olympic trials.

Gabrielle A. Russo, Assistant Professor
Stony Brook University

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*ART® is not a Rolfing, Thai massage, Shiatsu, or Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Massage. When ART® Corporate Solutions
manages and delivers first aid level soft tissue services the therapy rendered is simply a movement-based massage.*

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