Terry Stein – About


Terry Stein is the owner and operator of Athletes Performance Care. Since he began practicing in 2003, he has been committed to providing the highest quality of care to athletes at all levels and disciplines, patients dealing with work-related injuries, and those affected by the common aches and pains of daily living.

Terry is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing Active Release Techniques® (ART®) since 2003. He is both Masters Certified and a member of the ART® Elite Provider Network (EPN). Members of the EPN are recruited from the most highly qualified doctors and therapists who have demonstrated a commitment to resolving soft tissue conditions as quickly as possible and by making ART® a primary focus of their practice.

Terry has practice locations in Sayville and Huntington. His practice sponsors many athletic events across Long Island including triathlons, running races, swimming events, and expositions. He is also available as a guest speaker for athletic club meetings.

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