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Soft Tissue Injuries

soft tissue injuriesAthletes Performance Care is a practice specifically dedicated to assessing, evaluating, and resolving conditions associated with soft tissue injuries. Active Release Techniques® is considered the Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Healthcare. It is an advanced movement-based medical massage technique that restores normal function to compromised tissue. It is a very specific and highly comprehensive treatment modality that effectively treats muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia and peripheral nerve conditions—including related joint pain and all soft tissue injuries. ART® resolves repetitive stress/strain injuries and cumulative injury disorders resulting from over use, athletics, occupational activity, or injuries occurring from activities of daily living (house work, yard work, gardening, shoveling snow, etc.) When traditional modalities fall short of complete resolutions Active Release Techniques® excels.

Musculoskeletal Disorders
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are injuries or disorders of the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints, cartilage, and supporting structures of the upper and lower limbs, neck, and lower back. They are caused, precipitated, or exacerbated by sudden exertion or prolonged exposure to physical factors such as repetition, force, vibration, or awkward posture.

How It All Works: The Art® Advantage
Active Release Techniques® (ART) has a history of excellence and expertise spanning over 30 years, with over 10,000 providers serving professional sports teams and over 400 corporate locations.
We’re invested in improving your employee health, productivity, and morale. Onboarding, training, treatment, and reporting are just the beginning.

  • Recognized employee improvement 90%
  • Demonstrated claims reduction 50-80%
  • Custom stretching program

The Impact of MSDs on Productivity

  • 32% of all injury and illness cases are due to MSDs
  • 420,870 days-away-from-work cases were reported in which the leading type of injury or illness was sprains, strain, or tears
  • 13 days away from work was the average duration required by workers who sustained sprains, strains, or tears
  • 38.9% of all incidents were due to sprains, strains, and tears
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