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sports injury treatmentAthletes Performance Care is a complementary alternative medicine practice located on Long Island that specializes in Active Release Techniques®, or ART®. ART® is a soft tissue treatment and management system that is best described as an advanced movement-based medical massage technique. Unlike many other soft tissue treatment modalities, ART® accurately assesses, locates, treats, and effectively remedies a variety of soft tissue related conditions. ART® is designed to specifically address repetitive stress and strain and cumulative injury disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Simply stated, ART® has a superb success rate at restoring normal function to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia and peripheral nerve entrapments that have become compromised due to repetitive stress/strain injury, overuse, injury and/or tissue insult.

Athletes Performance Care specializes in sports related injury treatment along with, occupational injuries, and typical aches and pains of daily living. Athletes Performance Care has been providing Active Release Technique treatment to many patient populations across Long Island since 2003. We are often present at many local triathlons, running races, swimming events, and expositions. We have been featured as a guest speaker at many club meetings. As a result, Athletes Performance Care has provided valuable awareness and exposure of Active Release Techniques among various communities; introducing many athletes to a sports injury treatment technique that finally remedied their problem, improved their quality of life, and/or allowed them to compete at or above the level they are accustomed.

Many patients often mention that they have been suffering with a condition for an extended period of time, seeking various forms of treatment and realizing little to no relief. Once hearing about Active Release Techniques they made the decision to seek treatment once again. After receiving 3-5 ART® treatments their soft tissue problem was ultimately resolved.

Currently Athletes Performance Care maintains offices in Sayville, NY and Huntington, NY.

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